A Dual Fuel System Boosts Efficiency By Offering Choice

Electricity- or fuel-powered furnaces are common sources of home heating in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, but they are expensive to operate. On the other hand, a major energy-efficient alternative — the heat pump — loses its efficiency as temperatures fall. That’s where a dual fuel heating system comes in, offering energy efficient and reliable heating.  

A Red-Tagged Furnace Means Problems — And You’ll Need An Expert To Help Figure Out Your Options

Maybe your furnace has been making some unusual noises or you’ve noticed higher energy costs, so you called in an HVAC expert. If the technician found that your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger, you now have a red-tagged furnace on your hands — and you need an expert’s help to decide what to do next.

Worried Frozen Pipes Might Be In Your Future? Avoid Problems In 3 Simple Steps

Frozen pipes are a real worry during the coldest days of winter in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. At about 20 degrees or below, pipes are at risk of freezing — and if they freeze, they might also burst. A water pipe with a crack as small at one-eighth of an inch could send more than 250 gallons of water …