Avoiding Common Plumbing Mistakes Helps Avert Disasters


This is a photo of Home Comfort Experts' master plumber, Ken Jewell.

Ken Jewell – Master Plumber

Want to prevent plumbing disasters? Follow these simple steps from our master plumber, Ken,  and avoid making some of the most common mistakes that lead to plumbing disasters:

• Avoid hair in drains, and clean the hair strainer frequently to keep your drains

• Do not flush diapers, baby wipes or any other non-biodegradable items down the

• Avoid food scraps from being washed down the sink drain, and do not pour oil or fats
in the drain either (they solidify eventually)

• Avoid planting vegetation or trees near your sewer, this will prevent roots from
entering your line and causing a sewage back-up

Not every plumbing problem can be averted, so, when you need a plumber, call the experts at Home Comfort Experts. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and we’ll fix your problem right away. To schedule plumbing service, click here.