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A dirty air duct can cause allergies, colds, and other health problems. If you haven’t had your air duct cleaned for years, make sure to schedule air duct cleaning in Indiana and Michigan with Home Comfort Experts. You can rely on our vent cleaning specialists in Indiana and Michigan to restore more breathable air in your home. We have the knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to clean your vents. When our specialists drop by your home, they will conduct tests to figure out whether your indoor air quality problem is due to a filthy air duct. If they find that the vents are the ones causing the problem, they will clean them and perform necessary repairs. They commit to improving the air quality in your home and making sure that your ducts perform normally.

We serve the HVAC needs of customers from Mishawaka, South Bend, Elkhart, Plymouth, Columbia City, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, LaPorte and Rochester, Indiana as well as Niles to St. Joseph, Michigan.

What's Hiding In Your Ducts?


Dust Mites

Mouse Droppings





Pet Hair

Pet Dander


The Importance of Duct Cleaning


No matter what kind of air cleaning system you install, you will only be circulating all of the pollutants in your duct work unless you have it thoroughly cleaned. If you need more convincing, take a hand mirror and a flashlight, remove a floor vent and peek inside. Another sign to look for is a buildup of dust on your cold air return vents.

Dirty ducts don’t just put your HVAC system at risk of damage. They can also affect your family’s health, triggering asthma attacks, coughing and sore throat, flu-like illnesses and eye and throat irritation.

We can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning your air ducts regularly. If you suspect your home has dirty ducts – and almost every home does – call Home Comfort Experts for HVAC vent and duct cleaning and repair services in Indiana and Michigan.

8 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Even the most thorough and organized housekeeper cannot prevent the gradual buildup of dust and debris inside the air ducts of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. Fortunately, we’re here to provide quality air duct cleaning to Indiana and Michigan residents. Below are eight reasons you should have your ducts cleaned:

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Reason #1

Your Home is Brand New

You would think the duct work in a brand new home would be clean, right? Wrong. During construction, dirt, sawdust, and moisture typically make their way into your ducts. You definitely want your ducts clean after taking possession.

Reason #2

Asthma or Allergies

Mold, pollen and pet dander can trigger allergy symptoms, so why would you circulate them throughout your home? We recommend air vent cleaning and maintenance for allergy and asthma relief.

Reason #3

Your Ducts Haven’t Been Cleaned in 3-5 Years

We recommend cleaning your air ducts every three to five years. If you have anyone who suffers from allergies, we recommend three.

Reason #4

Replacing Your AC or Furnace

If you are getting a new furnace and air conditioner, it’s an ideal time to have your ducts clean. Why invest in brand new, clean equipment and then pollute it with a dirty duct system?

Reason #5

You Have Pets

Pet hair and dander get swept into floor vents and float freely on the air, so if you have pets, you have pet hair and dander in your duct work.

Reason #6

Save On Energy Bills

When Home Comfort Experts cleans your ducts, we also clean your heating and cooling coils on your furnace and air conditioner. Furnace cleaning and AC vent cleaning can improve your heating and cooling capacity by up to 25%.

Reason #7

Moisture Problems

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that mold is not lurking in your duct work. Allergy sufferers can be especially sensitive to mold.

Reason #8

Vent Cleaning

Less dust being blown around means your home will stay cleaner longer after you dust it.

How Air Duct Cleaning Works

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Step 1

Inspect the Air Ducts

Once our technicians arrive at your home, they will proceed to inspect your ducts first. They will determine the extent of cleaning that is needed and look for any cracks or leaks that may cause issues during cleaning.

Step 2

Cover Filters and Vents

Our team will cover the filters and block off your furnace at the filer compartment and top of the furnace, to keep dust and debris from drifting in the rooms as we work. Every home’s air duct system is unique. Count on our technicians to find all the filters and vents to be covered.

Step 3

Gain Access to the Vacuum Hose

If your duct work has existing access openings, our team will use one of these to enter the vacuum hose for the cleaning process. Otherwise, our technicians will drill a small opening into the duct work. Once access is available, they will insert the vacuum hose into the air ducts.

Step 4

Insert a Compressed Air Nozzle

Our technicians will insert a compressed air nozzles, brushes and whips and other tools into selected supply and return vents. The compressed air agitates stuck dust and blow all the dirt and debris toward the vacuum hose, which absorbs and delivers the dirt to our machinery.

Step 5

Specialized UV Equipment

Our team uses a specialize system that uses UV lights and creates peroxide molecules that flow through the duct system and house and kill bacteria, germs, mold, viruses, odors and noxious gases on contact.

Step 6

Clean Other Parts

After the thorough cleaning of your Indiana or Michigan home’s vents and main trunk lines, our technicians will continue to clean other parts of the duct work. These parts include the indoor cooling system, furnace, filter area and blower compartment.

Step 7

Seal all the Openings

Before we leave your home, we will make sure your duct work is as good as new by sealing all the openings we’ve made with inspection panels. These panels are attached to the duct work with screws to ensure minimal to no air leakage.

Did you know?

Home Comfort Experts is Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly ®

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America joined with Allergy Standards Limited to create the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program. This program helps people make informed purchases for a healthier home. We test household products against strict standards. If products pass our tests, they earn the CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® mark.

Learn more about the asthma & allergy Friendly® certification program.

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