Carbon Monoxide Monitor


Home Comfort Experts wants builders and homeowners to know there is a difference between the hardware store carbon monoxide detector and a professional-grade CO monitor. A CO detector will not alarm until it has detected between 75 to 100 parts per million in the air you breathe for a full hour — at which point many in the household are already feeling symptoms. A professional-grade CO monitor, available from Home Comfort Experts, continuously monitors even the smallest CO levels in your home starting at five parts per million, alerting you before problems exist.

More and more is known about the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms can appear as though you have the flu, migraines, disorientation or dementia. Each year, sadly, there are carbon monoxide related illnesses, fires, and even deaths. Most vulnerable are the elderly or children. CO leaks can come from not only your furnace, but any gas-burning device in your home such as dryers, water heaters, gas stoves, and cookers.



Installation of a CO Monitor:
*    Always have 1 monitor in or near the bedroom you sleep
*    Install 1 on every floor of the house
*    Install at eye level
*    Place out of reach of children

Do not install:
*    Outside the living area
*    In or below a cupboard
*    Directly above a sink or cooking appliance
*    In a damp or humid area
*    Anywhere that it would be affected by drafts
*    Where dirt or dust could block the sensor
*    Where it could be turned off